Voting method where every holder present has a number of votes which corresponds to the number of securities it holds. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary

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I. poll poll 1 [pəʊl ǁ poʊl] noun [countable]
1. an occasion when a large number of people are asked questions, to find out about the public's opinions or behaviour:

• MORI conducted a poll among senior managers to get their views on taxation.

• A recent opinion poll put him in third place.

• According to our poll, Scandinavians buy shares more than other Europeans.

ˈexit poll
a poll in which people are asked how they have voted in an election. The poll is taken before the result of the election is known, in order to discover its likely result:

• Early exit polls suggested he was the clear winner.

ˈGallup poll trademark
a poll in which a representative (= typical ) group of people are asked questions about a specific matter, in order to find out the public's opinion on it
ˌstraw ˈpoll
an occasion when people are asked their opinion about something in an informal and unofficial way:

• A quick straw poll of delegates revealed that most would prefer a longer conference.

2. the polls [plural] an election to choose a government or a political representative:

• The ruling Social Democrats suffered their worst defeat at the polls in 60 years.

• In Oklahoma, voters may go to the polls (= vote in an election ) as early as September.

3. an occasion when the members of a company vote for or against something in a meeting:

• Both directors were elected after a poll of shareholders.

4. the poll the number of votes recorded at an election:

• The winning party must gain at least 50% of the poll.

  [m0] II. poll poll 2 verb [transitive]
to try to find out about the public's behaviour or opinions by questioning a large number of people:

• 47% of office workers polled said that eye strain was a serious concern.

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poll UK US /pəʊl/ noun
[C] a process in which a large number of people are asked for their opinions about a subject or person: »

The poll surveyed 1,282 adults nationwide.

carry out/conduct a poll »

The magazine conducted a poll of 2,000 readers.


In a poll recently, 8 out of 10 people stated that they were worried about debt.


A recent opinion poll revealed that just one in four voters wants to see the party in power.

See also SURVEY(Cf. ↑survey) noun
(also the polls [plural]) POLITICS the fact of voting in a political election, or the places where people vote: »

Voters' opinions will become clear at the polls.


Next month the country will go to the polls in both presidential and parliamentary elections.

the poll — Cf. the poll
[C] an occasion when people in a group, company, etc. vote for or against something at a meeting: »

Each ordinary share carries one vote in the event of a poll of shareholders.

See also EXIT POLL(Cf. ↑exit poll), GALLUP™ POLL(Cf. ↑Gallup™ poll), STRAW POLL(Cf. ↑straw poll)
poll UK US /pəʊl/ verb [T]
to ask a large number of people for their opinions about a particular subject: poll sb on sth »

We poll employees on their views on particular aspects of company policy.


Only one in five of those polled were in favour of the government's proposals.

POLITICS to receive a number of votes in an election: »

To win a seat, a candidate had to poll 50% plus one vote.

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